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Fear Is Not A Virtue was an idea started around the realization that in this day and age fear is being used as a weapon, and people are being conditioned to view fear as a virtue.

Sounds crazy right? But think about it! People on TV and in the public eye telling us of all the things that should terrify us, and if we are not afraid of them we are deemed heartless and uncaring. All this does is lead people to fear more because this will make them feel more virtuous. Well, FEAR IS NOT A VIRTUE!

The Fear Is Not A Virtue idea is just a reminder that we are not descendants of weak men and women. We are here to thrive, grow, and create a better world for our children, their children, and their children’s children. And we cannot do that if we hide away in fear. Fear is natural, it can protect us in many situations, but it is not a virtue that should be glorified or sought. Courage, action in spite of fear, is the virtue.

Fear Is Not A Virtue proudly donates 10% of the proceeds from any items sold to Mission 22, a fantastic organization focused on preventing veteran suicide.

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