About Fear Is Not A Virtue

What are we all about here at Fear Is Not A Virtue?!

The WHAT: What does Fear Is A Not A Virtue mean to us?

Our Name:

Fear Is Not A Virtue was an idea started around the realization that in this day and age fear is being used as a weapon. People are being conditioned to view fear as a virtue. Whether the media, academia, public officials or just Johnny down the street, it seems people are becoming more fearful by the minute! Sounds crazy right? But think about it! People on TV and in the public eye telling us of all the things that should terrify us. Then if we are not afraid of them we are deemed heartless and uncaring. All this does is lead people to fear more because this will make them feel more virtuous.

Well, FEAR IS NOT A VIRTUE! Some of the most compassionate and caring people I have ever meet are FEARLESS in the face of adversity. Fear is a natural response to a dangerous situation. It can protect us from things that may harm us, but it is not a virtue that should be glorified or sought. Courage, now that is a virtue that should be emulated. Courage is taking a rational, level headed and calm look at a situation that makes us fearful. Then looking deep within ourselves and deciding that taking action in spite of this fear is the choice that will allow us to thrive, grow, and create a better world for our children, their children, and their children’s children.

Our Logo:

An image that often comes to mind and is associated with fearlessness is that of the seafarers of old. Those whose skin and beards were kissed by the salt air. Venturing into what was at the time not a well known part of the world in search of adventure. Although in reality many pirates lived rough lives committing atrocities that of course are not virtuous, in legend they live a story that represents so much. From adventure and the freedom of being at sea to their relentlessness and tenacity, the pirates of legend are what our logo represents.

The pirate in our logo has a flowing beard from years of adventure on the high seas. He has red eyes focused on the task at hand ready for any challenge. The pirate is completed with the crossed swords at the back to fend off anyone in his way. This Pirate is certain that Fear Is Not A Virtue. In the words of Sir Walter Raleigh: “It is, it is a glorious thing to be a pirate king!”

The WHY: 10% of all proceeds are donated to Mission 22

Although we are not officially affiliated, Fear Is Not A Virtue proudly donates 10% of the proceeds from any items sold to Mission 22. This fantastic non-profit organization is focused on preventing veteran suicide. They are doing what we feel is critical work! Veterans are Americans who have risked it all so that we here at home can live happy and free. It is the responsibility of those who enjoy the benefits of the armed forces’ sacrifices to take care of these warriors when they get home. Seeing that veteran suicide is such a serious issue, I asked a handful of veterans and active duty service people what organization they recommended I donate to. I wanted to find an organization that was actually there, making a difference in the lives of our heroes. This group came up in almost EVERY conversation.

To learn more about this awesome organization check out there website here: www.mission22.com

The How: How can you help?

If you like the designs we have, check out our shop, place your order today and wear it with pride. Show the world you will no be controlled by the fear people are peddling. We would also appreciate you spreading the word about what we are doing! You can do that by buying a friend a shirt, sharing our site on social media, sending a courier pigeon to your friend or smoke signal to the next town over. Whatever method you prefer, just don’t keep us a secret!

If you do not like our apparel that is fine too, you can still help our mission by making a donation directly to Mission 22 here: Mission22.com/give

The Who: Contact Us

We can be reached by email at info@AmericanVirtueClothing.com. We do our best to respond as promptly as possible and will get back to you as soon as we can.

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